SharePoint Security in Power Apps | Item Level & Folder Permissions

In this video we will explore how to implement Role Based Security in Power Apps using secured folders in SharePoint list or library.
We will walkthrough SharePoint Item Level Permissions & see how folders can provide additional flexibility for large data sets.

Power Apps SharePoint List Security with 📁 Folders video covers the following scenarios:
✅ Folder Security
✅ Working with 🔒 secured data in Power Apps
✅ Flow to move item to specific folders dynamically
✅ Using Azure AD Security Group or SharePoint Group

Download flow:

To automate permissions in SharePoint with flows:

SharePoint item level / folder level permission limits:

Table of Contents:
00:00 - Introduction
00:48 - SharePoint list / library security limitations and planning
03:42 - SharePoint data security with PowerApps
05:34 - Secure data with folders in SharePoint
11:17 - Hide folders from gallery view in Power Apps
14:12 - Create item in Power Apps directly into secured folder
20:38 - Check which folders current user has access to in Power Apps
24:34 - Working with secured Document Library in Power Apps
25:30 - Multi level folder security with Power Apps
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