Jaw-Dropping Magic Tricks 3D Printed

Combine the fascinating world of 3D printing with the wonder of magic! Can you figure out how these 3D printed magic tricks work before I show you?

Printer and Filament Used (affiliate links)
Printed on the Prusa MK3 http://shop.prusa3d.com/#a_aid=ka3dp
Regular filament from eSUN https://amzn.to/3LajihV
Glitter filament from 3DJake https://tidd.ly/3rtirkN

Credit to the creators of these awesome 3D prints!
Here are the files from this video:
Money Maker https://bit.ly/3utcdAm
Magic Ball Vase https://bit.ly/3bc1m6b
Magic Coin Pierce https://bit.ly/3bcD4ZY
Pencil Puzzler https://bit.ly/33ltks1
Magic Coin Box https://bit.ly/3ts8L7N
Magic Money Bank https://bit.ly/3brZ6rR
Cup and Balls https://bit.ly/3vSdCR4
Magic Box https://bit.ly/3tt3dK7
Emptyful Tube https://bit.ly/3h9feSp
Fake Thumb https://bit.ly/3vGASSe

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My Recording Equipment (affiliate links):
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